Loyalty is where it’s at.

Join Cosmos Elite…

Cosmos offers savings plans to thank our most loyal guests for investing not only in themselves, but in our exceptional providers.

Check out our customized loyalty plans for ultimate savings.

Cosmos Loyalty

The Queen of all loyalties - Unlock discounts and free upgrades on almost every service we offer and spend more time on you at your favorite place!

What else can a girl ask for?

Blowout Loyalty

Enjoy unlimited visits for an hour of R&R and enjoy a discounted shampoo and blowout service every time.

Don’t worry, we never discount the scalp massage!

Lash Loyalty

Cosmos speaks lash love language - especially when our guests can save money during their visits.

btw, lash naps always free!

Glow Loyalty

Glow your way into saving on your bronzing sessions with our customized spray tans.

good times and no tan lines!

“Keep taking time for yourself until you are you again.”

—Lalah Delia

Save Money On Your Investment.

Cosmos Salon and Spa offers an extensive selection of salon and spa retail to help you maintain the time and investment you have made to help you feel beautiful. Loyalty members receive 10% off all retail and everyone can get a complimentary full size retail item. Ask our guest associate team for more information.

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