Cosmos Loyalty Plans

Why loyalty?

Step away from your daily grind and take care of you - decrease stress, customize your beauty needs, experience quality salon and spa products and revive yourself in as little as an hour - all at the convenience of just showing up for your appointment 🀍

Blowout Loyalty

Enjoy unlimited visits for an hour of R&R and enjoy a discounted shampoo and blowout service every time.

Don’t worry, we never discount the scalp massage! 🀍

choose from 2 blowouts per month or 4 blowouts per month

Lash Loyalty

Cosmos speaks lash love language - especially when our guests can save money during their visits.

btw, lash naps are always free! πŸ–€

choose from the style based on your lash set

Glow Loyalty

Glow your way into saving on your bronzing sessions with our customized spray tans.

good times and no tan lines! 🌴

choose from venetian or rapid tan developing

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