Hair Cutting Services

Restore your hair…

trims, deep conditioners and restorative products help keep your hair healthy, shiny and always ready to help you feel your best!

Women’s Haircuts

A haircut provides two important functions: It reshapes the hair after new growth and removes split or dead ends. Hair requires frequent trimming and cutting to stay healthy. Since new hair growth is most evident in someone with short hair, a trim every four to six weeks is important. Long hair can be trimmed every 8-10 weeks. prices start at $40 for no blowdry and $55 with a blowdry

choose from haircut only, haircut with a blowdry, curly cut or curly cut and diffuse men’s haircut or child’s haircut (12 years and under)

Men’s Haircuts

A well-groomed appearance is an essential aspect of self-care and personal style for men. One of the fundamental elements of grooming is getting a men's haircut.

A men's haircut is a professional grooming service that involves cutting, shaping, and styling the hair on the head and often includes trimming facial hair, like beards and mustaches. A skilled barber or hairstylist uses various cutting techniques, tools, and products to achieve the desired hairstyle. prices start at $30

Kids Haircuts

At Cosmos, we're dedicated to making kids look and feel their best. We offer specialized kids' haircuts to ensure your child's hair is both stylish and age-appropriate. Our kids' haircuts are available for children aged 10 and under.

Our experienced stylists know how to work with children, creating a comfortable and fun environment during the haircut.

kids cuts include a style and start at $45 and can increase depending on length and thickness.

Bang Trim / Neck Line Up

A bang trim is a quick and simple hair maintenance service that focuses on keeping your bangs or fringe looking neat and well-groomed.

A neckline up, also known as a neck trim or neck shave, is a grooming service that targets the hair at the back of your neck.

Both services are great for maintaining a well-kept appearance and can be a part of your regular grooming routine to keep your hairstyle looking fresh and well-maintained.

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